Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mouth of the River

Remediation project going on east of the Rt 35 Bridge in Sayreville, Lets hope they do it right.
Parcel A has been preserved for open space.  Specifically, approximately 36.6 acres is preserved for open space, subject to the following:  (1) a Public Access Easement along the waterfront area; (2 ) NRD Conservation Easement, (3) Coastal Wetland Buffer Easement, and (4) Wetland Mitigation Easement.

Perth Amboy Waterfront & Raritan Yacht Club

               Great Beds Lighthouse on a Beautiful summer day.

These old pilings make great bird roosts.

                Osprey nest on the end pilings, these are  the  young ones,                          their parents have left them to fend on their own.

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